Surviving the World's Worst Gift

The Situation

It’s bound to happen at least once over the holidays. A really excited co-worker/estranged family member/acquaintance gives you the most horrible gift you’ve ever received. Maybe it’s a giant t-shirt with their face on the front, maybe it’s a Stairmaster with a passive aggressive note,Instagram or maybe it’s a hand-me-down jacket that smells funny. How on earth do you muster appropriate class and grace?

How to Survive

Step 1
Take a (brief!) moment to collect yourself and put your initial reaction aside.
Step 2
State what the gift is out loud: ‘Oh look! A ____’. This gives you a moment to collect your thoughts and think about what you’re going to say.

Step 3
Compliment gift. **WARNING** Do not go overboard with a wave of compliments. Say one nice thing, even if it’s about the wrapping paper.
Step 4
Gently steer conversation away from yourself. “Who’s next to open?” “Are those Grandma’s cookies I smell?” etc.

Step 5
Discard the gift. Discreetly! If gift is homemade, hide somewhere out of the way unless the person who gave it to you is coming over. Then place it somewhere in the house. 
Bonus Tip +