The Successful Secret Santa

The Situation

The bubbly one in your office has planned a mandatory Secret Santa gift exchange before the holidays as a “really fun staff bonding activity”. You receive a co-worker’s name and have no clue what to buy.

How to Survive

See below for 10 affordable Secret Santa gift ideas. Prepare to wow your coworkers with your thoughtfulness and gift-giving brilliance.


Personalized mug

Personalized mug
For: the coffee drinker
If you are close friends with the gift receiver select an inside joke to capture on the front of the mug. If your friendship isn’t quite at the ‘braiding each other’s hair’ status, get a mug with a hilarious saying.
Multi-device charging station
For: the Steve Jobs fanboy
Now they can show off all their devices at once and keep them full of juice at the same time.

Movie theatre gift card

Movie theatre gift card
For: the one who needs to get out of the house
A $25 movie gift card is a night out for that person who needs to temporarily escape the holiday mayhem at home. They’ll definitely thank you for it.

Hashtag chalkboard

Hashtag chalkboard
For: the one who loves social media
Think of all the #officelife #workinglife Instagram photos they’ll get out of this!

Cozy blanket

Cozy blanket
For: the one who works with their shoes off
You spend the same amount of time, if not more, sitting at your office desk as you do on your own couch. Make them a little comfier doing it.
‘Tequila Mockingbird’ recipe book
For: the one who reads (and loves puns)
It’s a drink recipe book with a literary twist. Featuring such classics as ‘Gone with the Wine’ and ‘The Last of the Mojitos’.
Kate Spade sticky-note set
For: the one always taking calls
No more scrambling for a piece of paper to write down that phone number.

A hollowed-out book for stuff

A hollowed-out book for stuff
For: the child in all of us
Who wouldn’t have fun hiding stuff in here?


This t-shirt
For: the one who gets stuff done
Enough said.