The Wine Label Switcheroo

The Situation

Surprise! Your in-laws are coming over at the last minute to ‘catch up’ over drinks. You glance around your kitchen in panic and realize you have no quality booze to serve! You have a few bottles of cheap wine, but that’s not going to fly with them. They have high standards (for the wine and for you).

How to Survive

See below for your very own expensive wine label! Simply print out the wine label featuring one of the most famous wineries in France, and carefully tape around your cheap $15 bottle of slop.Instagram No one will know the difference!


Wine talking points


Wine talking points:
You don’t have to be a sommelier, because we’ve done it for you. Study the notes below so you sound like you know what the hell you’re talking about.

Wine: Château Cheval Blanc 1961
Owner: Château Cheval Blanc
Region: Bordeaux
AOC:Controlled Destination Of Origin Saint Emilion
Grape Variety: Bordeaux Blend Red
Color: Red



Fun stuff to say:

Sean Connery drinks Château Cheval Blanc in the 1983 James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.
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Impressing your boss
Only one of a few wines in the world to receive the highest rank of Premier Grand Cru Classe (A) status.
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Slaying the conversation
The 1947 Cheval Blanc created what many tasters consider to be the best Bordeaux wine of all time.
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Being the wisest bada$$ alive
A 1961 Cheval Blanc served as a plot device in the movie Sideways.
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Being ultra fierce
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